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    Highest    Standards    in    Medicolegal    Consulting

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  • Bansan     LLC

    Highest    Standards    in    Medicolegal    Consulting

Missionhighest  standards  in  medicolegal  consulting

We, at Bansan LLC, emphasize high standards in medicolegal consulting while providing error free services. We endeavor to provide excellent medical case summaries, tailored to the needs of every client in a cost effective manner, holding privacy in the utmost regard. We are committed to providing professional, efficient, and prompt services for our clients.

Why Bansan

Bansan LLC has been providing medical consulting services in various medical fields since 2006.

We strive to provide excellent services in a timely fashion to our valuable clients in the following areas:

  • Medical Summary Service
  • Expert Witness
  • Medical Review Service
  • Case Assessment









Serviceshighest  standards  in  medicolegal  consulting

Medical Summary Service

  • Medical records coming from record retrieval companies and various medical providers are often disorganized and therefore not ready for attorney and paralegal review.
  • Organization, categorization and de-duplication of medical records.
  • Medical records review and preparation of summary in chronological order with bates referencing hyperlinked to the underlying source documents.

Case assessment

  • Our board certified staff Hematologist, Medical Oncologist and Internist is able to determine whether prospective plaintiff(s) have any claim(s) on the merits with respect to standard of care.
  • All types of medical expert specific, medical research and administrative support.
  • Increases cost effectiveness and efficiency.

Expert Witness

  • Expert witness services for litigation in the specialty of Hematology, Medical Oncology and Internal Medicine.
  • Define the applicable standards of care.
  • Identify deviations from and adherence to the applicable standards of care.
  • Over 15 years of clinical experience. Provide service for both defense and plaintiff. Communicate with jury in easy to understand language for layperson.

Medical Review Service

  • Peer-to-Peer Review of medical records to ensure standard of care is met by providers. Independent medical examinations and chart review for disability claims.
  • Review of medical records for Medical necessity and Utilization claims.

Data Transfers

Upload your discovery folders and/or files in their native electronic or PDF format. You will receive upload confirmation upon receipt by Bansan LLC. If your files are only available in hard copy, mail them to us.

Cost and turnaround time estimates delivered within two business days. Please provide working email address and phone number if at all possible to avoid delivery issues.


Our Team


Sanjiv   Modi,  MD

Sanjiv Modi, MD is Managing Member of Bansan LLC. He founded this company in 2006, with vision to help clients in need of advice regarding various fields of health care. He is board certified in Medical Oncology, Hematology and Internal Medicine and in active practice since 2000. He holds active Florida Expert Witness Certificate. He has provided services in medical malpractice law suites both for defendants and plaintiffs. Over the years he has helped various medical practices, hospitals, URAC certified review organizations and legal firms. He directly oversees medical case summaries, case assessment, disability reviews and expert witness services.

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